[Ultimate] Alchemy Stars Beginners Guide

[Ultimate] Alchemy Stars Beginners Guide
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Welcome to the newbie guide for Alchemy Stars! We will be going over progression from start to finish, what to look out for plus tips and suggestions to smoothly transition to mid game as a free to play player.


In gacha games, it is common for people to want to re-roll to get the best start possible. However, I think this game does not require you to do that. But if you want to start with a specific character that you like, then re-rolling is a good choice.

I will not be going over this as many other guides have covered this extensively which I will link below:

To keep it short and simple, I will summarize some of the points that he has mentioned on who to pick. This will be covered in the next section under team building.

Team Building

In this game, building a mono colored team is much better than 3-4 different elements in 1 team. The reason is because stacking 5 same colored element allows each character of the same color in the team to use their regular attack on the enemy when they are on their colored tile next to them. This adds a lot of additional damage. Alongside the chain skill damage, it is just more DPS over time. Occasionally, you will use 1-2 different element characters for specific purposes (healing/usage of debuffs etc).

The Aurorians in the game are classified into 4 types:

  • Converter – Converters are vital in the game since they can change the colored tiles to their preferred element, allowing your team to use more powerful chain skill attacks with 8-15 tile attacks. Some 5-6 star converters are a must pull, especially if you are running the water team.
  • Detonator – These are your classic damage dealers. They usually have either strong single target or big AoE damage attacks. Some will offer debuffs alongside their attacks.
  • Sniper – They are great as captains since they can attack from range and offer AoE as well. This allows you to use off color tiles as attacks far away and avoid boss damage in hard battles.
  • Support – Healers, teleporters, knockbacks, chain support and debuffers are usually in this category. Healers are a must in most modes and is a requirement to get 50% hp+ requirement in campaign mode. Teleporters are great in certain modes where you either need to survive or jump through gaps. Knockback supports are used in some areas, but not in regular campaign.

To make a good team for the campaign, you will want 2 single element teams. Since you are given Vice (Water) and later Dayna (Thunder), it is best to build these two element teams first. The Fire and Forest elements are also okay, with Forest being the weakest out of the 4 (in my opinion). A good team consists of the following:

  • 2 Converters, 1 Detonator, 1 Sniper, 1 Teleporter or Healer

This type of composition will get you through the main campaign, provided that you are sufficiently levelled. The only hard campaign boss is the 8-14, where it is highly recommended to have a thunder team to deal bonus damage. The boss increases your character cooldowns. It will be a hard fight and you will need all the extra damage you need to get through.

Note: 5 and 6 star characters gain a secondary element at Ascension 3 and it allows them to trigger on tiles of that secondary element at a reduced damage (35% attack of the original). If their secondary element is the same as their main element, they boost their damage by 5%.

Having water element as the main team until 8-14 will be good enough as long as you are levelled enough. The captain can also be an off color healer/teleporter if you need them in certain modes. Otherwise, a strong attacker with range is much preferred.

Water Recommendations

Sariel (6★ Converter)  – Can convert 4 green/red tiles to blue at the start of battle. Very versatile and good for the mono water team.

Carleen (6★ Converter) – Careen is also good attacker, but her active skill has a 4 turn cooldown and it only becomes pre-emptive after the level 6 breakthrough, making her more of a whale only character to become OP.

Philyshy (5★ Support) – Strong healer, great for campaign and secret territory mode.

Kleken (5★ Converter) – Converts 4 green tiles to blue and has decent close range AoE. Alongside Ms. Blanc, it will be enough to do well in campaign with Vice as leader and 2 other flexible units. He is also  lot easier to pull that then 6 stars.

Barton (5★ Converter) – Another good offensive converter, but his active skill requires level 5 (you need to pull 4 copies) breakthrough to pre-emptive, making it a more beneficial character for whales.

Zoya (3★ Support) – A cheap healer that is good enough to do the job if you didn’t get to pull Philshy.

Thunder Recommendations

Michael (6★ Detonator) – His active skill does AoE damage and  can move or teleport you to a location you want. Very useful as your main movement character in your thunder team.

Gronru (6★ Converter) – Converts 4 nearest blue/red tiles to yellow. She is the Sariel version of Thunder and does decent AoE damage as well.

Irridon (6★ Converter) – Converts any 2 tiles to yellow. Too bad she needs max breakthrough to get the skill to be pre-emptive. Does decent melee AoE damage.

Schwartz (5★ Sniper) – Good AoE damage and does more damage if fighting against bosses.

Beverly (5★ Converter) – Turns 4 red tiles to yellow. Great unit if you can get it as your converter if the 6 star versions are out of reach.

Tessa (4★ Detonator) – Strong nuker with big range once she gets to ascension 3.  Check out this video below:

Kafka (4★ Sniper) – A bit underrated and does good damage. Viable as captain due to the long range attacks with some AoE.

Nadine (4★ Support) – Good healer that can convert 1 tile to yellow. Worth building up as the main healer.

Eho (3★ Support) – Budget teleporter with 1 turn cooldown to move around within 2 tiles.

Fire Recommendations 

Eicy (6★ Converter) – Solid converter that turns 4 blue/green tiles to red. Also does decent damage with her AoE chain skill.

Uriel (6★ Converter) – Has burn debuff and can deal a lot of damage to bosses. Can convert enemy spots to red tiles.

Faust (5★ Converter) – Converts 4 yellow tiles to red. If you can’t get Eicy, Faust is a good one to have.

Maggie (5★ Converter) – Maggie is able use a “+” attack that converts all the tiles in a line to red tiles. Very useful if you can get her to level 5 breakthrough to make it pre-emptive.

Regina (5★ Detonator) – Good AoE damage dealer with knockback as utility. A significant upgrade from Chainsaw Rick. The skill has a long cooldown though.

Alice (4★ Support) – Okay healer for fire. Her active skill provides a shield, which can be useful in boss fights.

Pepi (3★ Converter) – Budget teleporter that can move within 1 tile every turn.

Forest Recommendations

Nikinis (6★ Converter) – Converts 4 red/yellow tiles to green. When ascended, her tiles can become enhanced tiles, which can give you bonus green tiles sometimes. Her chain skill is similar to Dayna’s, where it hits in a line.

Migard (6★ Sniper) – Her attacks have decent range and she can also teleport within 3 tiles. A big upgrade from Dove if you can pull her. At max level breakthrough, you can teleport right away at the start of battle.

Cuscata (6★ Sniper) – Decent AoE range and is the budget version of Midgard but she cannot teleport. Her active skill can knockback.

Odi (5★ Support) – Has the slow debuff and can be useful in certain fights where enemies need to be slow. He can also poison as well.

Uriah (4★ Support) – Good healer and is great in campaign and secret territory mode.

Now that I have listed some units that you may consider building your team, follow the guide of at least 2 converters in your team, a sniper and healer. The last slot is flexible and you can put whatever you want. This will for the most part help you get through the story mode easily.

Gameplay Progress

As you start the story mode, you will want to level your main element team first and get them to ascension 2 level 1. Then you will want to get the secondary mono-element team going after chapter 4 story mode. I highly recommend a thunder team for the secondary team since the chapter 8 boss is a water boss. It will really help and it requires way less levelling to take it on.

Make sure to bring a healer of your choice as either the captain or a support healer in the team. Keeping your team above 50% hp is vital in getting the 3 star condition for each mission and get you the sweet x1 Star Flare. You will be getting quite a bit of them and also ascension materials along the way to promote your Aurorians.

  • Chapter 1 – 16 Star Flares
  • Chapter 2 to 8 – 14 Star Flares each
  • Each chapter will give you another 3 Star Flares if you can 3 start the entire chapter stages.
  • You will also get roughly 520 Lumambers per chapter if you clear a mission with 2 stars, with a total of about 4160 Lumamber from 8 chapters.

The extra chapters will also give you some additional star flares once you unlock it. Each one gives 6 additional Star Flares when you 3 star all missions.

It is also vital to quickly ascend your team evenly as you progress in the game. Ascension materials can be gotten from:

  • Story Mode – the harder the difficulty, the higher level the material drops. Rare items have a smaller chance to drop. This is usually the case for ascension 3 upgrade materials.
  • Spire (Fire, Water, Thunder Forest) – You need a team of 5 units of the same element to challenge each spire. The first 15 levels are easy to achieve as long as you get your team to ascension 1 level 40. You will get the much needed materials to ascend your units further. Do focus on the main 2 elements that you use.

  • Crafting them via Colossus – Once you get your crafting shop in the Colossus to level 4, you can craft many of the materials required to ascend your characters to ascension 3. Keep in mind that 5 and 6 star characters will get a secondary element, which will boost your overall damage.

Secret Territory

This is a fun mode that allows you build various teams to tackle challenging stages and bosses. Keep in mind that your characters stay dead when they lose all their HP. They can only be revived on “Revive/Heal” stations. Having a healer is a must in this mode if you want to survive.

This mode discounts levels but Aurorian upgrades are carried over. So technically, you can use level 1 teams to go through the easy stages and save your best team for the big bosses. Each time you complete a tile, you are given options to get cool advantages that will help you progress.

The bosses do give much better items. Some good ones on top of my head include:

  • +5% mono element damage
  • +1 bandage on tiles (useful if you lack a healer)
  • Sniper slows enemy units
  • 50% stun chance at the start of battle to all enemies

Try to go as far as you can. Your goal is to get 4000 points to buy recharger packs weekly in the secret shop for extra energy. The rest of your points will go towards affinity items for Aurorians and decoration items.


You will unlock 4 resource missions after progressing through the game.

  • Forgotten Snow – Gives experience materials used to level up your characters. It is further separated into the 4 different elements. Feeding same element materials grant 50% more experience to the character.
  • White Night, Black underbelly – Gives Nightium (gold) for upgrading characters and equipment.
  • Burning Aesthetics – Gives materials required to upgrade your Colossus.
  • Tempering Illumnia – Gives equipment upgrade materials.

Each section has 5 difficulty levels and they are unlocked based on your Colossus base level, ranging from 1 to 5. At Colossus base level 5, you will unlock all 5 levels. At the start of the game, it is recommended to focus on experience materials, Nightium and Colossus materials. Since you need to upgrade your Colossus to get higher level rooms, you will want to get to Colossus base level 4 as soon as possible.

It is beneficial to get there quickly since base level 4 gives you access to:

  • Level 4 Resource Room -> vital in getting harder to get ascension materials (element potion III). You can craft them with lower level materials
  • Level 4 Prism Pillar -> gives free energy for more runs

These two are great and I prioritize them first over the other rooms as they speed up the process of getting your characters to ascension 3 as soon as possible.

General Tips

  • Always interact with your Aurorians daily in the Colossus for potential 3500 extra Nightium or 30 Lumamber.
  • If you want to progress faster, using 70 Lumamber daily for 120 energy is well worth the price.
  • Make sure to buy 2 recharger packs from the Secret Territory shop weekly for an additional 120 energy.
  • Remember to do at least 3 dispatch missions daily for an extra 15-40 Lumambers + other ascension goodies.
  • Check your warehouse to open elemental and gift boxes that are often given to you for free.

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